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Artistic Motivation

My first contact with art, which I pleasantly remember, was when I opened my history book and found beautiful images of battles, mighty characters, and titans riding their awesome horses. I remember spending hours looking at them and wandering how it would be possible to create those wonderful images. It was not until a few years later that I found out those images were paintings by Velásquez, Rembrandt, Ingres, David, Gericault, etc. Masters who touched my soul for the first time making me realize that I wanted to be a painter.

During my strolls in the city where I grew up, I was unconsciously storing images of the things that moved me and which are present in my paintings nowadays, as if they came from a diary of life experiences that spreads throughout the canvas.

Although many years have passed since I first open that book, I do not cease to fill with joy whenever I see an artwork that touches my soul.


"To paint what Luis Zuluaga paints takes courage, See for instance his paintings about flesh, beggars and his restrained violence, perhaps a consequence of perturbing living experiences in his home country -Colombia-, reflections of the fragility of our existence, of what we are, of the flesh we are made of... He makes us face the void that lives within ourselves which simultaneously shocks us and attracts us."

Antonio Macedo, in Bombart 02, March/April 2009.