Fifth National Meeting on Hadron Physics - Program

10.30Opening. Information. Room B028
11.00Helena Santos. The spin-dependent structure function of the deuteron, g1(x,Q^2).
11.45Celso Franco. Longitudinal polarisation of lambda and anti-lambda in deep inelastic scattering at COMPASS.
14.30Brigitte Hiller. Multi-quark interactions in effective low energy QCD. Room B011
15.10João Moreira. Stationary phase-corrections in the process of bosonization of multi-quark interactions.
15.50Coffee break.
16.10Pedro Bicudo. A confining quark model suggestion against Ds*(2317) and Ds*(2460) as chiral partners of standard Ds. Room B011
16.50Luís Silva. Measurement of gluon polarisation from high transverse momentum hadrons at COMPASS.
17.30Pedro Abreu. Pesquisa de Pentaquarks em decaimentos hadronicos do Z em LEP.
18.00Closing. Planing of future meetings.

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